Sleeping Fairy Son Grimm Brothers: Old Grandfather and Grandson

Sleeping Fairy Son Grimm Brothers: Old Grandfather and Grandson

An old man is always treated poorly by his daughter. Even so, he is always patient.

Grandfather’s age has reached one hundred years. His eyes are farsighted. Sometimes even when eating, he can not hold the spoon properly.

Until one day, when they ate together, the grandfather accidentally spilled vegetables on the tablecloth. That made his daughter angry.
Father! Why did you spill the vegetables? “The boy snapped.

The grandfather was just speechless. He can only cry in his heart.

The next day, the grandfather was left to eat alone in the corner of the kitchen. While eating, the grandfather suddenly shed tears. He felt that he was no longer valued by his daughter.

“Why is my child so handsome to me? I know I’m old and my whole body isn’t functioning properly,” thought the old man while occasionally wiping his tears.

Every meal, the grandfather is only given vegetables that are provided in a bowl. The grandfather’s hand trembled. Unintentionally, the bowl missed from his hand and broke.

The next day, his daughter bought a cheap bowl made of wood. That way, when the grandfather eats and spills the bowl it won’t break.
Apparently his grandfather’s little grandson often saw how his mother treated his grandfather. He then collected several pieces of wood.

“Honey, what are you doing?” asked the mother, surprised at the behavior of her child.

“I will make a small wooden bowl. I will give this bowl to you later when you are old,” answered the grandson innocently.

Instantly, the mother’s heart jerked. He immediately shed tears. He realized that all this time what he had done to his father was very bad.

The mother regretted her actions, and immediately apologized to her father.
From then on, the family became very happy. They always eat together at the same dining table. The daughter treats her father well. He realized that at this time, his aging father needed love and attention.

The moral message from the Children of Brothers Grimm’s Fairy Tale is what we plant, that is what we will learn. If you plant goodness, then good will also be what you get. Conversely, if you plant evil, then the bad you get.