Fairytale The Funniest Abu Nawas Story: Abu Nawas Wants to Fly (Middle East)

Fairytale The Funniest Abu Nawas Story: Abu Nawas Wants to Fly (Middle East)

The population is in an uproar. Abu Nawas said that he wanted to fly. It made some of it

residents believe in the greatness of Abu Nawas.

“Do you really want to fly?” asked a young man.

“Yes, I want to fly,” answered Abu Nawas.
News about the flight of Abu Nawas spread. Residents are curious, whether Abu Nawas will really fly. That sound reached the king’s ears. The king then summoned Abu Nawas to confirm the truth.

“News about you flying, making people excited, even to foreign countries. Is it true you want to fly, Abu Nawas?” asked the king.

“Yes Raja, that’s right. I really want to fly,” said Abu Nawas, determined.

“Are you lying?” The king made sure.

“I’m not lying, Raja. I want to fly tomorrow, tomorrow, in the highest place in the country,” Abu Nawas said.

“Well then, let the soldier announce it to the people. But watch out, if you lie, you will be sentenced to death,” the king replied.
Right on Friday, all residents have gathered. They want to see Abu Nawas fly.

“That’s great Abu Nawas,” said one resident.

“Fly, you Abu Nawas. At most you will fall and die. If not, you will get a death sentence from the king. So it’s the same for you,” said another resident.

Abu Nawas went up to the highest building. All residents and the King watched with curiosity. Arriving at the top of the tallest building, Abu Nawas smiled. He then flapped his hands like he was about to fly.

Residents become annoyed. Abu Nawas did not also fly. He just like people want to fly.
“I dare not lie, Raja. I really want to fly. Do you see me going to fly?” Abu Nawas asked the residents.

“Yes, we see you as if you want to fly. However, you don’t fly,” the residents exclaimed.

“Well, right, I don’t lie. I only want to fly, but apparently I can’t fly,” Abu Nawas said to the King.

The king and the population cannot blame Abu Nawas. Abu Nawas indeed said correctly. The king only laughed at Abu Nawas’s explanation. Apparently, once again, they were fooled by Abu Nawas.

The moral message from Abu Nawas Funniest Story: Abu Nawas Want to Fly (Middle East) is not to swallow the words of others. Think carefully before concluding.