Fairytale Greedy Monkey

Fairytale Greedy Monkey

The dry season has come. The trees in the forest begin to dry up. As a result, food supplies are running low.

In that forest, there lived a herd of monkeys. They live in harmony and peace. However, when the dry season came, they began to separate themselves.

Some went to villages near the forest to steal food. Some also moved to other forests.

One day, the monkey leader gathers his flock in a large tree, where they live.
“O monkey herd. Let no one leave this forest. Out there it is very dangerous for us all,” exclaimed the monkey leader.

The herd of monkeys listen to their leader, except for a young monkey. Monkey Child is very naughty. He did not want to hear the words of the leader of the monkey. Instead, the Monkey Child plans to go to the residents’ house.

Apparently, last week, the Monkey Boy had gone to the resident’s house. There is a lot of food there. Little Monkey feels very happy. because he doesn’t need to starve like other monkeys. Hence, he wants to go back there.

Today, the Monkey child goes to the resident’s house. He was very hungry. However, when he entered one of the houses, there was no food at all there. He only found a shirt on the chair.

Suddenly, the owner of the house appeared. He saw his clothes held by the Monkey Child. He also asked for his clothes from the Monkey Child. However, the Monkey Child does not want to give it up, except in exchange for food.

The owner of the house immediately took a banana, and gave it to the Monkey Child. The Monkey Child immediately gave the clothes he was holding to the owner of the house, then devoured the banana.
After eating the banana, the Monkey goes to another resident’s house. Olala, he saw a jar of peanuts on the table. How happy Monkey Child. He immediately opened the lid of the jar.
But unfortunately, the neck of the jar was very narrow. The jar only fits two fingers. But, Monkey Child doesn’t care. He forced his hand into the jar.