Fairytale The Story of a Cunning Trader

The Story of a Cunning Trader
In a kingdom, there lives a kind king. The people also loved the king very much.

Unfortunately, the king has difficulty making choices. If faced with a number of choices, the king will become less wise. Of course, that could be detrimental to him and his kingdom.

For days, the king dragged on his sadness. He thought about the fate of his kingdom if he continued to be unwise.

Meanwhile, in a small town in the kingdom, there lived a merchant. The trader was very famous for his wisdom in giving advice.
After hearing about the wise merchant, the king summoned the merchant to the palace. How glad the merchant was, because he was appointed by the king to be his adviser. After dinner at the palace, the merchant returned home.

On the way home, suddenly a dark figure appeared before the merchant. He immediately hit the dark figure, until finally the dark figure died. When the merchant ventured to see the face of the dark figure, how shocked he was. It turns out that the dark figure is a prince, the king’s son.
The merchant became very scared. He thought hard, how so that his actions were not known by the king. Instantly, the merchant gets an idea.

The merchant immediately brought the prince’s body to a minister’s house. The minister was known to dislike the prince, so people would not be surprised if the minister had made the prince die.

“I must leave immediately before anyone sees me,” said the merchant after laying the prince’s body in front of the minister’s house.

Shortly thereafter, the merchant arrived home. When he was about to sleep, the minister came to his house. The minister looked panicked and scared. He then told the merchant, that when he opened the door of his house, there was the prince’s body. However, the prince has died.

“Help me, I’m confused what to do. If the king finds out, I will be punished.” the minister asked with a sad face.

The merchant is willing to help the minister. With pleasure, the minister immediately gave a few pieces of gold to the trader. How happy the merchant is. He gets gold for free, and his crime is unknown to the minister.

“Aha! I have an idea. I’d better bring the prince’s body to the palace,” thought the merchant, then went to the palace.

The next day, the king was surprised to find his son lying in front of the palace door.

“Gosh, what if the people know that my child is gone? Moreover, who found me alone. Surely they will think I was the one who made him harm,” the king said, confused.

The king then remembered the wise merchant. He also called the merchant.

What on earth are you, suddenly you call me? “Asked the merchant, pretending to be confused. In fact, he already knew why the king called him.

The king also told the problem. Casually, the merchant gave the king advice.

“Your Majesty, just tell all the people that the prince has been bitten by a snake, to make him die like this,” said the merchant.

Actually the king was still sad about the death of his son. But what can I do, he must do what the trader said. Yes! The merchant’s cunning never wasted anything and he remained an adviser to the king.

Moral message from the Children’s Sleep Story Tale: Cunning Traders is If you make a mistake, apologize. Running away from mosalah will only lead to new problems. Don’t imitate the cunning merchant’s attitude, yes.
Use your intelligence to help friends, not to fool friends.