Fairytale  KidGoat and Wolf

Fairytale  KidGoat and Wolf
In a forest, Anak Kambing lives with the Goat Mother.
They live to love each other.
Tonight, the Goat can’t sleep, because his stomach is hungry.
This afternoon, the Goat Mother forgot to find food for supplies at night.

“My child, Mother will look for food outside. Remember your message. If someone knocks on the door, don’t ever open the door. It could be the Wolf knocking,” ordered the Goat Mother. he was about to go find food for the hungry Goat.

“Then what if Mother comes home?” asked the Goat.
“When I go home, I will say the password. The password is ‘Bad wolf, woe to you’,” said the Goat Mother.
“All right, ma’am. I’ll remember your message. Be careful on the way, ma’am,” said the Goat, taking his mother away.

Olala, it turns out that the Wolf eavesdrops on the Goat and Goat Mother talk. After the Goat Mother left, the Wolf came to the goat’s house.

“My sweet child, open the door. Mother comes home with a lot of food,” said Wolf, pretending to be a Goat Mother.
But, the Goat did not just believe. he remembered his mother’s message.
“Mother gave me my password.” said the Goat.
Wolf feels upset. He did not like the password.

With force, he said, “The password is ‘Bad wolf, woe to you.'”

Even though Wolf speaks the password correctly, Goat Boy is still suspicious.
Her mother’s voice is not like that.

Before opening the door, the Goat Boy kept thinking, how to make sure he was his mother.
While outside, Wolf starts getting annoyed.
“If you are my mother, show your feet under the door,” challenged the Goat. He knew very well what his mother’s legs were like.

Wolves get very upset. Yes, he can no longer fool the Goat Children.
The wolf left empty-handed. After the departure of the Wolf, Goat Mother go home. he knocked on the door.

“Bad wolf, woe to you,” said the Goat Mother.
Goat children still do not believe. he told the Goat Mother to show his feet. With pleasure, Goat Mother shows her feet. Goat Children also opened the door.

Once inside the house, the Goat Mother asked why the Goat Boy wanted to see his feet.
Goat Kids also tell everything.
Really, the Goat Mother feels happy and proud of her very smart child. They also eat together with hungrily.

Wisdom that can be learned from a fairy tale. Fable Children: Clever Goat is a smart child, so that you can solve the problems you face.