Fairytale Story of Geese and Golden Eggs

Fairy tale Story of Geese and Golden Eggs

On this occasion kang darus will give a fairytale child (The Story of Geese and Golden Eggs)

in ancient times, there lived a poor farmer who had a very beautiful swan. The farmer cared for the goose so well that one day when the farmer came to the goose cage, the swan had spawned a glittering golden egg.

The farmer takes and brings the golden egg to the market and sells it. The same event was repeated for the following days, so that in a short time the farmer began to become rich. But before long the farmer’s greed and impatience with the Geese arose because the Geese only gave an egg every day. The Farmer felt he would not get rich quickly that way.

One day, after counting the money, an idea came to the head of the farmer, the idea that he would get all the golden eggs of the Geese at the same time by cutting the Geese. But when the idea was carried out, there was not an egg that he could find, and his precious swan had already been cut off.

So the lessons we can learn from this golden goose and golden fairy tale are those who already have something abundantly, but are greedy and want more, will lose everything they have. So be thankful for everything that we have.