Fairytale Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih

On this occasion kang darus will give a fairytale child (Bawang Merah dan Bawang Putih)

The Nature of Garlic and Shallots
Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih are step brothers. They have different properties. Garlic has very good properties. Everyone likes him. While Shallot has a bad nature. He and his mother, love to order Garlic. That made Bawang Putih suffer.

One morning, Bawang Putih was washing clothes belonging to his mother and stepbrother. He was alone in the river. Without deliberately, the shawl he was washing was washed away by the water. Garlic pursues. Unfortunately, the scarf could not be found.

“Surely you will scold me,” Bawang Putih said, sobbing.

Suddenly, a voice asked him.

What’s wrong with you, Cu? “Asked the voice.

Garlic looks for the origin of sound. Apparently an old grandmother.

“My mother’s shawl was washed away, Grandma. Surely my mother was angry. Moreover, it was afternoon and I had not yet cooked,” explained Bawang Putih.

“Don’t be sad, Cu. Come with me, I have something for you,” said the grandmother.

The sad Garlic followed the old grandmother. They walked to a cabin near the river. Apparently it is the old grandma’s house.

“Grandma has two pumpkins. You can bring one pumpkin home,” Grandma said.

Grandma showed two pumpkins. One is large, and one is small.

“Surely you will be happy if I bring a large pumpkin. We can eat until it is full. However, my house is very far away. Ah, I chose a small pumpkin, so it is not too troublesome,” replied Garlic.

“All right, if that’s what you want. Now, take this pumpkin and hurry home. Your mother must be waiting for you,” pleaded Grandma.

Garlic returns home cheerfully.

Bawang Putih walked home from the river. His right hand was carrying a new cud shirt. While his left hand brought pumpkin from Grandma. Olala, it turns out Bawang Merah and her stepmother are waiting in front of the house. Wow, they look angry.
I will definitely get angry, “thought Bawang Putih

Magic Pumpkin Garlic

That’s true When Bawang Putih arrived, he was greeted with the sound of his stepping mother’s voice.

“Where have you been? Why did you come home this late?” asked mother.

“Yes, where have you been? I’m already very hungry,” continued Bawang Merah.

“Calm down Mother, Bawang Merah. I brought pumpkin for lunch,” Bawang Putih tried to calm down.

“What? Just pumpkin? I don’t want to eat pumpkin,” Red Onion whined. He snatched the pumpkin from Bawang Putih’s hand, and threw it away.

Olala, how shocked the family was. Apparently, the pumpkin contained a lot of gold. The red onion and greedy stepmother immediately took the gold.

“Where did you get this much gold?” asked the stepmother.

“I got the pumpkin from a grandmother in the river,” Bawang Putih explained.

Bawang Merah and the stepmother don’t care about the Bawang Putih story. They are more interested in the gold in their hands.

“Actually there were two pumpkins. But because my grandmother’s house was far away, I only took a small pumpkin,” continued Bawang Putih.

Hearing the story, then Bawang Merah and the stepmother were interested. If I could get the pumpkin, I would definitely be richer, thought Shallot.

Not wanting to know his intention, Bawang Merah ordered Bawang Putih to cook in the kitchen.

“I will take the pumpkin, ma’am. So that we can become richer,” said Shallot to his mother, after Bawang Putih entered the kitchen.

His mother agreed. He also allowed the Red Onion to leave. Shallots leave for a long time. As soon as Shallots returned, there was already a large pumpkin in his hand.

“Come on, hurry up and open it. I can’t wait to be rich,” persuaded mother.

Bawang Merah and her mother were very happy. They immediately threw the big pumpkin. But what happened? Olala, instead of gold obtained, instead snakes came out of the pumpkin. Instantly, Bawang Merah and her mother ran scared.

The moral message of the children’s story is Bawang Merah Bawang Putih
Do something sincerely. Later you will get the fruits of that sincerity.

Greed will only bring disaster. So don’t be greedy!