Fairytale (Rich People And Poor People)

On this occasion kang darus will give a fairytale child (rich people and poor people)

Short children’s stories that we will post today will provide valuable lessons for your child. Wisdom that can be learned is very good to insert when daddy mama tells.

Short Children’s Stories: Cannot Live Alone

A wealthy merchant said that he could live alone. He doesn’t need help from others.

“I have a wealth of seven generations that will never run out. I do not need anyone’s help,” said the merchant to all residents.

Other residents also believe what the merchant said. They promised not to help the arrogant merchant. Besides being arrogant, the rich merchant is also stingy. Although his wealth is abundant, he does not want to help difficult people.

One day, an old man came to the rich merchant’s house. His face panicked, as if he were facing a big problem.

“Help me, merchant. My child is sick, but I don’t have money to take him to the physician,” the old man pleaded.

“I don’t care. If you want money, you have to work.” replied the rich merchant arrogantly.

Hearing the merchant’s answer, the old man did not beg anymore. He returned empty-handed.

In the evening, the rich merchant counted all his money. Very much money. Even until late at night, he had not finished counting the money.

Olala, suddenly the burning candle in the rich merchant’s house collapsed. The candle is also about flammable items. Slowly, the small fire turned into a big one. Wealthy merchants only realize that their house is on fire when half of it has been charred.

The merchant panicked and immediately walked out. Then, he shouted for help,
“Help! Help me!” shouted the rich merchant.

Unfortunately, even though the residents heard the cry, they did not want to help the merchant. The merchant even came to the resident’s house, begging to help him.

“Help me. My house is on fire,” the merchant pleaded.
As promised by the inhabitants of the past, they would not want to help the rich merchant. After all, the merchant also said that he could live alone without the help of others.

Instantly, the rich merchant realized. how valuable the neighbors are. He could not have lived alone. Supposedly, he wants to help his distressed neighbors. Surely when he is in trouble, his neighbors will help him.
The moral message that can be drawn from these short children’s stories is that we cannot live alone. We need other people. Help others, so that God can help us when we are in trouble.