Fairytale Bears And Bees

Children’s fairytale bears and bees

A bear is looking for a beehive. He wants to take his favorite honey. He can only get honey in the beehive. The bear continues to walk into the forest. But he never found the honeycomb he wanted.

“Usually there are a lot of honeycombs here. Ah, where are you bees? I need honey,” said Bear.

While resting, the bear looks up at the tree. Apparently in the tree there is a beehive. What a happy heart Bear.

“I have to be careful when I take the honey,” Bear said.
The bear then stands and stands on tiptoe. He looked into a beehive, making sure there were no bees there.

Apparently there are a lot of bees there. The bear then looks for other ways to get the honey. Bear pacing under a tree. Swarms of bees that have just finished work see the bear. They know the intention of bears who want to take their nests.

“We must attack the bear,” exclaimed the leader of the bees.

Swarms of bees immediately attack the Bear. Being attacked like that, the Bear became very angry.

“I will destroy your nest!” he shouted.

The bear then shook the beehive. That makes the bee inside the hive come out.

Hey, what are you doing, “the bees shouted.

Bears ignored the screams of bees. He continued to shake the beehive until the bees that were there all came out. The bees are very angry. They then stung the bear together.

Bears run scared. He could not fight back so many bees. He continued to run, but the bees continued to chase him.

Fortunately there is a river in the forest. There was no other way, the Bear immediately threw himself into the river even though he could not swim.
Seeing a bear in the river. The bees return to their hives. The bear is very relieved. Finally he avoided bee attacks.

“Luckily there’s a river here. If not, I’m done with hundreds of bees.” said the bear.

The bear then returns to his house. He got a valuable lesson today, that bothering a friend is not good.