Example of a short story Sun Island

Sun Island

Example of a short story Sun Island

In ancient times, there were brothers who had just died by their father. The father left an inheritance that should have been enough for them to share.

It’s just that his brother has a greedy nature. He took all the treasure and only left a basket and knife for his sister. The kind-hearted sister could only accept the two objects.

One day, there was a giant bird who invited his sister to go to the Sun Island filled with gold. However, he was only allowed to take one piece of gold. Upon returning to earth, he sold the gold and lived comfortably.

The brother who knows the story is jealous. He pretended to be poor and deceived the bird to drive him to Pulau Matahari. Although only allowed to take a piece of gold coins, he even wanted to bring home everything.

Unexpectedly, the bird had apparently left him. Because it was too long there, the brother finally burned down by the heat of the sun.