Example of a short story The Arrogant Tortoise


The Arrogant Tortoise

Example of a short story The Arrogant Tortoise

There is a turtle who is arrogant and feels himself more worthy of flying than swimming in the waters. He was annoyed because he had a hard shell that made his body feel heavy.

He was annoyed to see his friends were satisfied with swimming. When he saw a bird that was free to fly in the sky, his aggravation grew.

One day, this tortoise forced a goose to help it fly. The goose agrees. He suggested that the turtle hold on to a piece of wood that he was going to lift.

Because the tortoise’s hand is rather weak, he uses his mouth which is stronger. He was finally able to fly and feel proud.

Seeing his friends who were swimming, he wanted to brag. He forgets that his mouth must continue to be used to bite wood. He fell hard. Luckily, he survived thanks to the shell he once hated.

Pride will bring disaster. That is the moral message to be conveyed in the children’s bedtime stories from the Philippines.

You can tell your child so that he grows into a humble person. Having goals is good. But do not let the ideals reached, we despise others who are not as fortunate as we are.