Example of a short story Clever lions and jackals

Clever lions and jackals

Example of a short story Clever lions and jackals

In ancient times, there lived a jackal (a type of wolf and dog) in a forest. One day, the arrival of the lion who wants to eat it. Not lacking in reason, he also devised a plan to escape.

He told the lion that the large rock above them would soon collapse and kill them both. The jackal then asked the lion to hold the stone, while he would go briefly to look for retaining wood.

Lions who believe hold the stone for granted. Hours later when the jackal never returned, he realized that he had been fooled. He left feeling upset and hungry stomach.

The message contained in the children’s bedtime stories from South Africa, sometimes ingenuity can defeat the power. In addition, there are always ways to get out of trouble as long as we want to try to find it.

If the child has difficulty imagining what it looks like, you can replace it with animals that are identical to the ingenuity in Indonesia, namely deer.