Example of a short story Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

Example of a short story Magic Mirror

Once upon a time, there was a king named Granada who was looking for a wife. He also held a contest. Whoever wants to be his wife, must look in a magic mirror that is able to show his good and bad during his life.

The women who were initially eager to become the queen immediately discouraged to hear these requirements. They are worried and ashamed that everyone will find out their ulcers.

There is only one woman who dared to volunteer. He was a shepherd who came from a lower middle class family. Not because he felt he had never sinned. But according to him, everyone must have made mistakes. As long as you want to improve yourself, everything can be forgiven.

Without hesitation and fear, he looked into the mirror. After that, the king said that the mirror was actually just an ordinary mirror. He only wanted to test the confidence of the women who were there. In the end, they married and lived happily ever after.