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Link 365 Days Season 3 The next 365 days movie. As of August 2022, there is no 365-day-4 release date. Netflix hasn’t confirmed this as they filmed the second and third movies that were released relatively close.

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Link 365 Days season 3 movie 365 Days Next

Netflix released its controversial 365 Days Movie Part 2, Link 365 Days Season 3 The Next 365 Days Movie last April. It was a huge hit with audiences and fans are now preparing for the release of the third installment.

The good news is that we have received some interesting content from our streaming platform. In other words, I hope to revisit Laura and Massimo’s story sooner than I thought.

Is there a link to the 365 days trailer for season 3?

Don’t panic, the trailer for the film n. 3, recently released on Netflix, looks just as exciting (if not more so) than the first two shows.

The new installment is on top to pick up where the last one ended up, so that means we’ll instantly find out if Laura made it through after she was shot.

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About 365 Days Season 3

The original Film divided opinions thanks to a divisive plot, which saw a mafia member Massimo kidnap Sales Director Laura and take her hostage for a year and 365 days.

In an attempt to make him fall in love with her, in the sequel to 356 day, Laura and Massimo try to live a normal life after a conflict between mobsters when other men start asking for her affection.

Great news! We officially have a date for the third installment and fans can expect to find the film on their Netflix accounts on August 19th.

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