New Leak Elizabeth Cambage Only Fans Page | The WNBA is Losing money

Posted on – New Leak Elizabeth Cambage Only Fans Page | The WNBA is Losing money

This video is about WNBA player Liz Cambage and her only fan page and why… Liz Cambage’s free special area was shed light on Tuesday by the WNBA and her compensation structure, which questions expenses, is the association’s period.

Cambage appears to be referring to reports that Storm forward Breanna Stewart has re-signed to return to Seattle for a one-year supermax worth $228,000 per season. Liz Cambage earned just over $221,000 for the Aces last season, which put her in a tie with seven as the association’s highest-paid player.

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The WNBA takes home a base salary of around $58,000, while the annual base salary There are guys on every team that make up the base salary in the NBA. You can imagine what that salary is and I know I don’t see any problems with that annual salary. For the 2021-22 basketball season, the association’s minimum salary is somewhere between $925,258 and $2.6 million per year.

The entire WNBA salary cap in 2022 is only $1,379,200. Of course, there is no salary cap for coaches and administrators.

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Of the top 25 WNBA players of all time, nine are from athletes, just north of 33% of the list.

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