New Update Azziad Speaks Over Alleged ‘Leaked’ Video

Posted on – New Update Azziad Speaks Over Alleged ‘Leaked’ Video

Social media personality Azziad Nasenya Wafula has broken her silence after a video surfaced online accusing her of posing in it.
Speaking to social media on Monday evening, Azziad dismissed the allegations, stating that he was not the person depicted in the video, and called it misleading.

He went on to praise his fans for reporting the story, saying that the tattoo on the woman believed to be him was not like his own, adding that he would have different tattoos to distinguish them. available to him and others.

“I’m sure many of you have seen it before and I’m here to burst your bubble because I’m not,” he said in a video on Twitter. “I’m thankful to my family online for coming and saying it’s not me because you all know my tattoos and I feel like at this point I should. Put a few on my forehead to use prove to you that yes, it’s not me.”

The TikTok star continued to encourage people to mind their own business, especially in the new year, criticizing those who like to spread false information to be careful not to damage people’s reputations.

He said, “We should not be in this business of creating false information on such topics, because if you spread such information, you are an enabler of cyberbullying, which is frankly not good,” he said. “You should rejoice in the things that make you a better person than to rejoice in the things that you think will bring down someone else’s reputation.”

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He warned those behind the fake video to seek treatment for their behavior or even follow their advice on the 4 rules of life.

“You should do well, invite yourself to the ujiongeleshe kidogo meeting. I always say that in life there are very simple rules; Pray to God, work hard, focus on your own work and always show kindness because nothing can take you away.

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