New Update Full Video ragazza in discoteca a Treviso – discoteca Treviso video

Posted on – New Update Full Video ragazza in discoteca a Treviso – discoteca Treviso video

This video girl at the disco

Blanco kissed another girl in a nightclub! Forget about Giulia Blanco going wild at the disco (but the anti-Covid measures? Everything has been forgotten…) showing that his love story with his historical girlfriend Giulia Lisioli is really over. Look, he’s kissing another girl.

Rumors of the past few days are with us. The picture of the couple disappearing on social media is proof of this, but he kissed someone else in a hotel is proof. Is it really between Blanco and Giulia Lisioli? The two men neither confirmed nor denied it, but the truth seemed to speak for itself.

Video Disco Treviso

The kiss of the winner of Sanremo and a girl in a Milanese club changed the web and there are already people talking about a new love story about us.

Is Blanco kissing someone else? The video on the disc is a success between Blanco and his girlfriend Giulia

Lisioli. The latter, of course, would have deleted from Instagram all the pictures that represent them together: an unmistakable sign that something is wrong. And in the meantime, Blanchito’s country – the winner, we remember, with Mahmood of the last Sanremo Festival – is dying at the disco with a “hickey” on his neck and, a little later, a kiss and lips (a kiss of mold, nothing else)
alleged young Milanese tiktoker, such

Martina is perfect to create the case, to bring out the rumors.
The two have been together for more than a year, so even before the dramatic progress of the native of Garda, born and raised in Calvagese della.
Riviera. Is Blanco kissing someone else? A disco video started flying

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in fact, he only became a national musical voice for a few months: he appeared, he went without saying a word, winning on the stage of Ariston with the song “Brividi”. During the post-festival, right after, even his girlfriend is missing Giulia. Both were posted (and posted) in a light heart, following Blanco’s victory. But it may be one of the last happy moments. Because the rumors about the young couple, as mentioned, recently are the best.

Blanco and Giulia Lisioli, the end of the love story? Caught with another woman in a nightclub

A series of clues which, at this stage, could be tested. Brief summary: Giulia Lisioli deleting photos with Blanco from Instagram, Blanco caught kissing another girl at The Club nightclub in Milan. What then? No hate speech, for a period, of one or the other. But in the meantime, fans are eager to find out more.

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