New Update Link Full Video Petawawa KIA Fight Viral On Twitter, Instagram, Telgram

Posted on – New Update Link Full Video Petawawa KIA Fight Viral On Twitter, Instagram, Telgram

Images from the 2021 KIA Petawawa Games have been posted on social media sites.

A video posted on CityNews sparked a discussion about the spread of the deadly man in the contract industry. Using profanity and inappropriate language, the car salesman introduces himself as Brian from Paulette Auto Sales, describes his breakfast and suggests sex with the car’s results.

This senseless display of immorality has not only angered the residents of Kingston, but its message points to a larger issue in the auto industry and society. Brian Doyle’s actions caused great controversy in the Kingston community.

Kingston News viewers said the video could harm women with mental health issues, and many others in the community expressed support for those views. . Dole first uploaded the video on his social media but deleted it after negative comments came in, but it still seems like a reiteration of his lack of attention to those around him.

A recent social media post by a salesperson raised serious concerns for everyone involved. The aggressive display of old-fashioned masculinity through posters and the depiction of the connection between car ownership and sexual behavior is unacceptable and must be addressed immediately.

About the video

According to sources, one of the Kia managers got into a physical fight with the customer. The manager was rude to the customer. The video shows the director opening the door first and punching the man. He then yelled again at another person, believed to be a customer. The video ends with the client running and attacking the manager.

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According to sources, after such an incident, people were angry with the officer and criticized the Petawawa Kia people. Almost a year later, the video has gone viral on Reddit and all other platforms. How about an apology from Petawa and Kia? According to the source, petwawa users wrote a letter in the Purs Sufferance page on Facebook to ask for bad actions of the first user.

They wrote that their notes want to give the best clients and get the trust of their customers. He also said that the former employee had been released and would no longer work with him. You will take care of these things in the future. They expect good behavior and good customer service from their employees.

Did this video go to Tiktok? This video has been shared on almost all social media platforms including TikTok.

Viewers on this forum insulted the manager after watching the video. This video was uploaded by @taktak68 and has over 10,000 views.

Views increase when people share videos. People also uploaded the video to other platforms, which attracted almost the same number of viewers.

The video drew similar criticism. People want to know more about the case. PETA and employees later notified employees of the layoff. The video also got more views on Instagram.

Why the fight? Video customers reportedly want their deposits returned.

The store manager then misbehaved with the customer and created an argument. According to reports, the video was made by the customer’s wife. She took down the video when her husband grabbed the manager by the leg. The video went viral and people started criticizing the manager.

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There is no explanation of the management or the client. The aircraft fights everywhere and people are happy to know more about it.

Youtube link has been a disease and, such as video reviews. What did people criticize? Residents of Kingston criticized the video showing the fierce fight. The abusive language used by both sides is bullying.

The video caught everyone’s attention and made them think. Apart from all the popular platforms, the video has also gained popularity on Telegram.


A dispute between a Petawawa Kia manager and a customer has caught the attention of many people. Their fight is broadcast all over social media. See link for more details. Did you find useful information? If so, please provide your comments below.

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