Viral 15 New Javanese (Indonesian) Food Menus That You Must Try

Posted on – Viral 15 New Javanese (Indonesian) Food Menus That You Must Try

Here are 15 typical Javanese menus that you should try to discover the culinary flavors of the archipelago. Lovers of Indonesian cuisine must try these 15 special Javanese food menus. Because the delicious taste will be perfect before you try it.

Each region of the island of Java has its own special food. So do not be surprised that each region of the island of Java has a different taste of cuisine. Javanese food is known for its spices and flavors that tempt your taste buds. For those who love culinary, don’t forget to try the Javanese food that we have summarized below.

15 Traditional Javanese menu Shake the Tongue

The following is a summary of a number of Javanese dishes that you must try. This dish is sure to wake up your taste buds while you are on the island of Java.

1. Sate Klathak

Sate Klathak is a dish in Central Java that is sought after by many tourists. Klathak is a young goat satay seasoned only with salt and spices. Although it looks simple, this klathak satay has a really unique taste. So it’s not good if you haven’t tried eating it.

2. Knowledge of Petis

Then there is tofu petis as a Central Javanese dish that culinary lovers must try. The combination of soft tofu with this petis creates a delicious taste. This petis sauce is similar to brown sugar and has a spicy flavor. Then it’s time for you to find this Tofu Petis to feel the taste.

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3. Nasi Gandul

Nasi gandul or commonly called Sego Gandul is a typical dish from the Pati region of Central Java. Nasi gandul is similar to gulai at first glance, but this gandul rice has different spices than curry. The nasi gandul sauce is made from a combination of salty and sweet soto and curry sauce and contains chunks of meat.

4. Soto Sokaraja

The soup called Soto Sokaraja is one of the typical dishes in Purwokerto and Banyumas in Central Java. This soup has chunks of beef stuffed into a rice cake and sprinkled with red starch crackers topped with a delicious peanut sauce. Soto Sokaraja has a unique yet delicious taste. So it’s time for culinary lovers to try it out.

5. Sate Bumbon

Almost similar to satay-sate in general, but this bumbon satay has a slightly different taste. Sate bumbon is a common dish from the Kendal region of Central Java. This bumbon satay usually has a spicy flavor that kicks more than regular satay.

6. Lontong Dakem Makanan Khas Jawa

Lotong Dakem is a common food in Pemalang, Central Java. Lontong Dakem has a unique and different presentation of other Javanese dishes. Lontong Dakem is served with a delicious coconut sauce and has a delicious taste of spices.

7. Mia Ongklok

This is Mie Ongklok, which is a typical dish from Wonosobo in Central Java. Mie Ongklok is a combination of yellow noodles boiled and served with a thick starch sauce. Mie ongklok is usually served with tempeh kemul and beef satay or tofu chips. 8. Soto Kudus

Soto Kudus is a typical dish from Kudus, made from buffalo meat. Usually this Soto Kudus has a very sweet taste and is served with hot rice. Soto Kudus usually goes well with pies and quail eggs.

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9. Lumpia Semarang

It is a typical food in Semarang area made from bamboo shoots. Lumpia Semarang is usually served with a thick sauce that is sweet and salty. Lumpia Semarang is suitable to serve as a snack or a light snack.

10. Piglet Solo

Next up is Solo Strait, a signature menu from the Solo region of Central Java that is a must-try for food lovers. Solo Strait consists of pieces of meat served with vegetables and a sweet sauce. The combination of delicious meat with a sweet and fresh sauce creates a unique taste.

11. Nasi Liwet Khas Jawa

In addition, Nasi liwet is a renowned specialty from the Solo area. This delicious rice combined with vegetables and shredded chicken creates a delicious taste. Don’t forget, delicious coconut milk is also a hallmark of Nasi Liwet Solo

12. Hello

Culinary lovers are of course familiar with Gudeg, which is a typical dish from the Yogyakarta area. This gudeg is made from young jackfruit vegetables that are cooked for several hours along with fried chillies and side dishes such as chicken and egg. This gudeg is known for its sweet and salty taste.

13. Rawon

Rawon rice is a typical dish from East Java. Rawon has a unique appearance that is jet black because it is made of kluwek. The flavorful broth combined with the tender meat makes it an ideal dish that you must try when visiting East Java.

14. Nasi Pecel Jawa Timuran

Especially this one dish called Pecel. This is a typical dish of the Madiun area, which is the prima donna of Java. Pecel consists of a collection of vegetables mixed in a spicy, salty and sweet peanut sauce. Pecel Madiun is usually served with peanut brittle and crackers.

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15. Bebek Madura

This last dish is called Duck Madura. This is a typical dish from the Madura region of East Java. How to cook Madura duck according to ungkep with spices typical of the Madura region. Maduran duck usually has a very spicy chili sauce and is served with penyet.

That’s a brief introduction to the must-try Javanese food. I hope this information can be a reference for you to find a Javanese menu.