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On this occasion, we will explore some commonly discussed concepts or facts, especially Oliver Janich.

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Videos of Oliver Janich on Telegram

The restless and frequent use of social media by Oliver Janich, the self-proclaimed monarch of the far-right alternative media industry, immediately recognized him. And his evangelical and messianic mentality.

Martin Sellner, a right-wing cyberwarrior active on all major platforms, exemplifies this type of right-wing cyberwarrior in 2019.

However, it was later banned on almost all major networks, including Facebook (2018), Instagram (2019), Twitter (2020) and YouTube (2020), leaving most niche sites.

Currently, Oliver Janich is the center of attention on social networks. His most popular networks are Telegram (159,000 followers) and YouTube (159,000 followers) (140,300 followers).

Adding to his reputation as a YouTube conspiracy influencer (he refers to himself as a “YouTube columnist”).
His YouTube channel, on the other hand, was blocked by the platform in October 2020, inflicting a severe hit to his digital presence.

Janich’s use of Telegram is still significant, and his Facebook page currently has over 37,000 followers. On YouTube alternative Bitchute, which is popular with the extreme right, the number is 7,300, which is a high level for the site. He also has 3,100 followers on VKontakte (VK), an unmoderated Russian Facebook clone, and 1,300 followers on Twitter.

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Janich was banned from Instagram and Facebook following the termination of the “Identarian” channel in 2018 (although this is unrelated to the movement known as “Generation Identity” in the English-speaking world).
He later changed his Facebook name to “Faschobook” but politely reverted. Janich, Instagram is still free.

Twitter: Oliver Janich

His fans consider him “the best” according to “the internet” and promote Janich’s videos, many of which include his visits to other alt-right channels. The compact magazine, which is classified as far-right by domestic security authorities and often promotes conspiracy theories, called him a “superstar of the German Truther scene”.

His most famous fan is the singer Xavier Naidoo, who promotes him on his Telegram channel and is a big believer in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

One thing is certain: Janich is a PR specialist. The 51-year-old was born in Munich and has been living and working in the Philippines since 2015.

emigrating to Germany because he fears the collapse of the world economy “because you don’t need much in the Philippines.”

In addition, “Antifa” published the address. He was banned from doing “journalistic” work in Germany because “there is no freedom of expression”. He gave this great explanation in a YouTube interview. But how is that possible?

Oliver Janich began his career as a business reporter for Euro am Sonntag and Focus Money before moving to Financial Times Deutschland and Süddeutsche Zeitung. He previously worked as a bank teller and studied economics with Oliver Janich’s telegraph.

Janisch, Oliver

While studying, he met people with criminal tendencies. Together with them, he is a member of Oliver Janich’s “Bosler Click” network.

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Radars and stock reporters who consistently inflate the prices of relatively obscure listed companies whose shares were previously bought by people in their networks are engaging in classic market manipulation, according to Oliver Janisch. By the end of the illegal game to earn about 17 million euros (see Spiegel 2010). However, according to the group’s prosecutors, Janich was not one of the leaders of the network (see Spiegel 2012).

He was never charged or tried. The biggest victims were small investors who thought the stock market was doing well during the economic turmoil. Twitter, Oliver Janich, 2000s. Ironically, Janich was implicated in groups accused of manipulating the black economy of the type he later accused other groups of.

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