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Viral Link Elblogdelnarco & Sicarios Del Mayo Zambada Videos Hello friends, we are back to share the latest and trending information like this new Elblogdelnarco & Sicarios Del Mayo Zambada video link.

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“The Best World” is a Netflix series divided into five parts that explains how the most powerful criminals escape and why US agents try to catch them. Elblogdelnarco’s video shows how one of the most powerful drug dealers in the world works, how he avoids justice and the gangs that bring him in.

According to the portal Infobae, the leader of the Sinaloa cartel is guarded by a group of hitmen and follows strict security measures, including the impossibility of naming him, cjng. It is dangerous to mention his name because it will reveal him. His employees call him elblogdelnarco muerte del cholo, “the good man”, “the one with the job” or “the master”.

‘Mayo’ Zambada insists that being invisible is one of the reasons for his success. So he surrounded himself with enfrentamientos elblogdelnarco.

The secret team was small and took several rounds to reach him, so he handed over a lot of power to the assassins. According to Jes Esquivel, a journalist who specializes in drug trafficking, media sicarios del mayo zambada.

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“There are rules everywhere, and we have to follow them,” the drummer told reporters about the Netflix show. Another person identified as “Eladio” claimed to be the shooter of El Mayo. He tells the camera that they have a system and information system that allows a drug dealer, que paso con mayo zambada, to avoid arrest. The army, which has 150 to 160 members, works together to ensure that vehicles or strangers escape security and destroy the zambada mayo network.

Staff are stationed at the beginning and middle of the journey, as well as at the airport, to provide flight, departure and arrival checks.

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